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The Cons Of Fat Transfer for Male Enhancement - CHICAGO MALE ENHANCEMENT

As discussed in our previous entry "The Cons of Implants For Male Enhancement," we will talk about the opposite option which is having fat transferred into the penis for male enhancement.


One of the main issues with having a fat transfer is that malleable like a filler injection is. While the implant is too rigid, a fat transfer can be too soft and squishy. Patients who have had fat transfers done, come to Chicago Male Enhancement and regret having this procedure done. A full, natural erection should be firm. This firmness can be felt by yourself and your partner. And like having something that feels unnaturally stiff, something that is just too soft may be unappealing to a partner.


This procedure can be a risky one, even in the hands of the most skilled surgeons. Skin is cut and releases blood vessels. This can leave some unsightly scarring. And in a worse case scenario, you can lose your penis.

The benefits of using fillers for penis enhancement with Chicago Male Enhancement is that it is completely safe. We expertly inject fillers for a thicker, yet natural looking penis that appears enhanced when either erect or resting. Using groundbreaking techniques perfected by Dr. Anil Shah, expert injector, Jonathon RN, ensures that you not only lookamazing, but also feel amazing.

Transcript from Video:

Dr. Shah:

What about surgery? What about like some guys talk about doing fat transfers. We've seen a number of patients with that. Or patients who've tried to like cut the skin and put a skin transfer. And let me start with your thoughts on this.


So I have a few patients who've had fat transfer and I'll, I'll tell you that. They said if they could go back that they would not get the fat transfer done. And the reason is because it's too squishy and it doesn't feel hard like when you have your natural erection without anything in there. So that's the biggest thing. And when we can kind of help a little bit with that, but what we inject, you know, sometimes a filler can make it a little bit more robust and stronger. But that those fat cells in there just make it too squishy.

Dr. Shah:

Yeah. And it's about that. It's the way it feels. And it's not just the way it looks. And again, you're going to have a much more risky experience with that. And with fat you can see a little bit of sometimes differences in that. And then just as important is for this penis to work, it's not just how it looks. You know, most of our patients want to use it. And if it's going to feel soft, that's not the feeling the the partner's gonna want to feel, they're gonna want to feel something firmer. And the other technique that's sometimes used is the surgery technique where they cut the skin, released the blood vessels. You stretch things forward. I think that's really risky. I mean, if things go wrong there and you can basically lose your penis and you're dealing with, so I think the benefit of a filler is it's really you know, for the most part,


Super safe.


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