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Non-Surgical Male Enhancement in Chicago, IL

What Is Non-Surgical Male Enhancement?

Non-surgical male enhancement has become a very popular treatment for people looking to gain girth and length in their penis.  This treatment has been perfected by Dr. Anil Shah & his expert nurse injector,  Jonathon.  With over 20+ years of experience, Dr. Shah has perfected his method of filler injections and has mentored Jonathon in the same technique. Chicago Male Enhancement provides you with the privacy and safety of the procedure you are looking for.  We pride ourselves on maintaining only the highest quality results that leaves our patients (and their partners) extremely satisfied in a comfortable and private location.

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Our Approach
Our Approach to Penile Filler for Male Enhancement in Chicago, IL

Every patient has a story and an individual goal they want to achieve. People come to our clinic because they know they can be comfortable and relaxed as soon as they walk in. We make sure that our male enhancement clinic takes place on a Saturday in our downtime plastic surgery center. This gives our patients the assurance that this is a completely confidential procedure.


At Chicago Male Enhancement, we want to ensure the confidence you have after you leave is the same confidence you have walking in the door.  

Doctor and Patient


Instructions Before Your Penile Filler for Male Enhancement in Chicago, IL

Upon setting up your male enhancement treatment in Chicago, IL you will consult with Dr. Shah about what you want to achieve. This is where you will discuss what types of fillers will be used, method of injections, and how much the penis injections will cost.  Check out our girth charts here, to better understand how the injections work and what goals are attainable. Before you come in for your male enhancement experience, here are some simple steps to follow.

Pre-Procedure Instructions for the Best Experience

Avoid Blood Thinners

Shower the Morning of Your Treatment

Make Sure You Do Not Have Any Active Skin Infections

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Bring Realistic Goals

When You Have Penile Filler for Male Enhancement in Chicago, IL
Penile Injections

The first thing we will provide is comfortable numbing cream to apply on the penis in the areas that will be injected.  We will also have pain medication and nitrous available if desired for comfort instead of the numbing cream.

Filler is then inserted a traumatically with a variety of cannula entry points for the shaft portion. The glans or tip is enhanced typically with sharp technique. 



A variety of textures and thickness of fillers are injected to create a natural appearance. By doing this, we also can augment the length of the penis depending on the patient's base.  Patients who receive our male enhancement procedure using penile fillers typically see more results with girth.  By giving the patient thicker girth around the entire shaft of their penis, the patient experiences many great mental and physical effects such as: higher sexual intimacy, partner satisfaction increase, more sexual pleasure, and of course plenty of confidence in and outside the bedroom.


Instructions To Follow After Penile Filler for Male Enhancement in Chicago, IL


With a specialized and precise technique to injecting filler into the penis, we are confident you will be on your way as soon as the treatment is done.  Minimally invasive and specialized injection techniques are our keys to success and patient happiness.  Below are a few things we recommend after your male enhancement treatment.  

Tips to Success Following Your Penile Enhancement Treatment

  1. Abstain from sexual activity for at least 1 week

  2. After about a week, place condoms carefully around penis

  3. Massage penile injection area for 5 minutes 2-3 times a day

After following our three easy steps, now it's time to enjoy yourself!  Our patients have been extremely pleased with the amount of confidence they gained after their male enhancement treatment.  As always safe sex practices are highly encouraged.  

Before and Afters

Penile Filler for Male Enhancement Before and Afters



Penile Filler for Male Enhancement Pricing Options 

Penile filler cost depends on a variety of factors.  Please click here to schedule a phone call or consultation with our office and we can more appropriately gauge your male enhancement goals.  

The next variable in penile filler cost is the type of injectable you wish to use.  Voluma is the filler we commonly recommend for penis fillers.  Voluma is a Hyaluronic Acid, or H.A.   H.A is a naturally occurring substance made by the body.  This type of filler is generally more safe, and is commonly used in the lips and face.  

Click here to review our Girth Chart


5 SYRINGES - $3,500

10 SYRINGES - $7,250

15 SYRINGES - $10,000

20 SYRINGES - $12,000



Frequently Asked Questions About Penile Fillers for
Male Enhancement in Chicago, IL

Will people know I am going to a penile enhancement clinic?

We understand that the topic of male enhancement may be a sensitive subject.  Our clinic is located inside a plastic surgery center on Saturdays while the office is out for the weekend.  We take pride in making sure our patients feel comfortable before, during, and after the procedure.  

Will anyone be able to tell I had a penile enhancement procedure?

The great thing about male enhancement at Chicago's Top Male Enhancement is that we don't make any incisions in the penis.  This gives the patient a faster recovery time and a smoother feel afterwards.



Am I the right person for this procedure?

There are only a couple of stipulations regarding who is the right candidate for this procedure.  In order to receive the penile injections you must be circumcised.  This is because the foreskin might not fit after the injections.  It is also important to note that any patient with an active skin infection will not be eligible for this procedure.  If you or your partner have become dissatisfied with your size and you meet our two requirements, you are the perfect candidate for Male Enhancement in Chicago. 

How many injections should I get?

Each patient is different.  Most patients want 5 syringes, but patients seeking bigger change can go up to 20 syringes.  This depends on individual goals, patient starting point, etc.  

Will this procedure hurt?

This is a non-invasive procedure.  We make sure to properly numb every patient to ensure a pain free procedure.

Will this affect my performance?

Most people see their performance drastically improve.  The procedure has often led to a stronger sex drive in most patients.

Do I need to keep up with the injections?

Patients maintain the best results when they keep up with injections every 1-2 years.  

Who will be doing my Procedure?

Our expert injector, Jonathon, will be doing the procedure on 100% of our patients. Jonathon is a registered nurse injector and has been specially trained & mentored by Dr. Anil Shah in injecting for the best results.

Why is this clinic only on Saturdays?

We chose to have an all male clinic for procedure on Saturday to secure the privacy of every patient possible.  At Chicago Male Enhancement we make sure our patients are comfortable and confident through the entire procedure.

Is this procedure reversible?

This procedure is 100% reversible.

What if I have more questions or would like to schedule a consultation? 

You can do so in the "Contact Me" section below!


Do you have any questions that you want to have personally answered? 

Book a Free Virtual Consultation

with our expert Nurse Injector

Jonathon RN

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