Penis Enhancement with Fillers in Chicago, IL

CHICAGO MALE ENHANCEMENT is the premiere office to have your non surgical male enhancement performed. What makes us different from the other offices is that we use fillers to enhance the penis in a way that is natural in both in appearance and in the way it feels. Your partner will most definitely know the difference but in the best way possible. What separates us from other offices performing penis enhancement is that we have been performing this treatment for a few years, with proven injection skills that satisfy our patients goals.

What Type Of Filler Is Used By Chicago Male Enhancement?

Voluma is the filler we mostly commonly recommend for penis fillers. Voluma is a Hyaluronic Acid, or H.A.   H.A is a naturally occurring substance made by the body.  This type of filler is generally more safe, and is commonly used in the lips, and face.  However, with the increased interest in penis enhancements, Voluma has been found extremely safe in the penis, as well.  In fact, It has been used for about 15 years now.  This product is one of the lower risk option, because of the fact it can be reversed.  Patients will need to repeat the treatment again to maintain their increased penis size.

How Big Will I Get When I Get Filler?

3 Inches
4 Inches
5 Inches
6 Inches
7 Inches
8 Inches
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Why Use Filler Versus An Implant?

Having an implant for penis enhancement has been a staple for years. There are plenty of issues that can present itself when you have an implant, however. As you can see with the following chart, you can best weigh the pros and cons of the two approaches to male enhancement.