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Now That You've Had It Done, What Does Your Partner Think? - PERFORMANCE AFTER MALE ENHANCEMENT

Now, that we have discussed what you would think about when getting non surgical male enhancement with Chicago Male Enhancement , like how you'll look and if the injections will be painful. The next big question to ask is, "What is my partner going to think?" Will it be too much for them? Will it fulfill fantasies?

In this excerpt from our "Masters of Beauty" podcast, Chicago Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Anil Shah, and expert nurse injector, Jonathon, discuss what their patients' partners often thought of after seeing this special enhancement.


Dr. Shah:

How about performance? So, so someone says I'm going to do this. Okay. I'm excited about resting product. Yes. What does it feel like, you know, someone saying, you know, the difference between you're talking to partners and partners experiences, you know, what's the difference between someone who's done this procedure versus, you know, and versus they have, let's say maybe 20 syringes or 30 syringes, what are they reactions they're getting from their partners? What are the reactions from the guys who are getting this when they're talking to you? Right.


So I'm going to kind of just speak openly. So one of my patients have said to me, so excuse the terminology. But a lot of the guys, when they first get this done, and then they finally are intimate with their partner. So I would say, you know, the female or male, they will notice a difference as they're like, they tell me that they're sore or, you know, it's very verbal, like, Oh my God, like this really worked. Like, I can feel the difference, you know, like it's kind of hurting me. You, you can take that as a good thing or bad thing, but I'm sure it's, it hurts so good. So it's, it's just kinda like one of those things, like I think people who get the procedure, they're super, super satisfied. There's some wives that are like, don't fill it up anymore. It's too big. And I mean, that's what we really want to hear. We love, we love that. But I mean, you know, 20, 30 syringes, I mean, I think now we're going with a monster. Yeah. Gotta be careful at that side.

Dr. Shah:

And I think that's a cool thing because I think it's hard for a partner to talk to another person and say, you know what, I love my partner. We've gone through this journey together. And I wish, you know, my fantasy would be for you to change this part of your anatomy. And I think we should all be proud of our bodies and whether we change this or not change this, there's so many ways, you know, intimate is there's literally books written thousands of years ago about tantric sex. And and so there's so many ways to please a partner. However, this is an area that brings, you know, someone insecurity and you feel like you can't do anything about it. At least there's, there's an option.


Oh, totally. I think it's all about that. Like open communication, you know? And what kind of things do you like, what do you want to experience as long as you keep that open communication? I think, you know, both parties are going to be really good.

Dr. Shah:

So let's say you do do this. How often do you have to keep doing this? Like, let's say you say, I'm going to handle my penis. I'm going to use 22 inches of filler. How often do patients end up coming back to aside from the ones who want to keep going?


Yeah, I would say almost every guy has come back that I have done and it has been to do more, always more. And they're really, obviously they're super satisfied cause they're coming back. But at the same time though, it's also doing a little bit of corrections because as you inject, you know, filler kind of migrates a little bit and stuff like that. So, you know, we're kind of fine tuning and creating the perfect sculpture. And when you come back, we add more and we get it absolutely 100% perfect.

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