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Stars and Stripes! Captain America’s Chris Evans “Exposed”

It’s interesting how celebrities have “leaked” photos of themselves exposed. Today’s latest celebrity was “Captain America” himself, Chris Evans He accidentally leaked an image of his fully erect penis from his photo gallery while on his Instagram Story. Usually seen as a personable celebrity, the leak came as a “big surprise” to everyone. Pun totally intended. One of the points that everyone seems to be complimenting Mr. Evans on is the girth of his… a-hem… “flag pole.” Playing a larger-than-life superhero, we tend to imagine that the actors would be “larger-than-life” in other areas like their fictional counterparts.

Many of our patients who come in want to be a superhero in a certain aspect of their lives. Using techniques in nonsurgical male enhancement, Chicago Male Enhancement can help you go from mild-mannered to super-powered… In the area where it counts anyway. With our injections we hope you can go from half-mast to full-mast.

Chris Evans, we salute you.

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