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"MARVEL"-OUS : The Case Of The Frozen Penis

So, apparently the Marvel characters had some comments about the Olympic skier's frozen penis. If you haven't heard the story yet, Remi Lindholm is a cross-country skier who had a frozen penis in the 50 kilometer race. This was shortened to a 30 kilometer race because it was so cold out, but despite this, the patient's penis was frozen at the event. So, who better to ask than the actors who play Captain America and Bucky Barnes?

This makes sense because both of these actors theoretically were frozen over time and then thawed out. And both of the characters made some jokes on how they had hair dryers built in, and they'd been frozen and thawed. But either way, just in case you are a Marvel fan, it appears that they say that both of their characters' penises are fully functional, just in case.

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