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Is it weird to measure your ..."eggplant* ?

When you visit the doctor they take your vitals, they weigh you and also mark your height - we think that is normal because it is for our health so why would it be so odd to measure your penis? 

Plenty of men do it - measure their penis just to have some kind of record or knowledge of how long it is. It would be an interesting poll to see just how many adult men measure their manhood. Is it just for curiosity or are we using these numbers to apply some kind of title or knowledge to our findings? We speculate here at Chicago Male Enhancement perhaps is a bit of both. 

Perhaps it is also scientific as to why men measure their penises. A pre-humanoid but post neanderthal internal and instinctual urge to know how much power you hold. This, of course, has yet to be proven, but it would make a lot of sense to us. Societally it has always been men with the best physic or men with the best cave hold a lot of the power and authority in the community and size of the penis probably lends itself to that same idea of the thinking. 

Have you ever measured your manhood? Let us know in the comments. And drop us a comment if you think you have a theory as to why guys do it. 

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