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FROZEN STIFF: Can The Penis Get Frostbite?

Updated: Jun 25

snowy mountain with skis and words can the penis get frostbite?

So question is, can a male penis have frostbite? And the answer is actually recently discussed because in the Winter Olympics, an Olympic athlete from Finland named Remi Lindholm battled brutal temperatures, and it was a 50 kilometer cross-country skiing. During these races, the men wear very thin garments. And so their penises and genital region are not really protected. So at one point in the race, the race was shortened from 50 kilometers to 30 kilometers because it was too dangerous and they were worried about frostbite. One area they weren't worried about, apparently it was the men's genitals. And so at the conclusion of the case, he actually just had frostbite on his penis.

This might be a risk in about 20% of cross-country skiers. So what happens with frostbite is that you get a cold sensation obviously, and then you get this reperfusion. And you can obviously get damage, in some cases, necrosis and death. I think in this case, the patient did okay, but he said it was his second time getting frostbite there.

Main message: If you are a cross-country skier, I don't know if there's that many of us out there. But if you are cross-country skier, put on some insulation, insulated underwear, put on some extra protection. Because frostbite over there, from what we know, is not something you want to have in your genital area if you're a patient of any gender, but especially male.


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