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Ever heard of * eggplant emoji * fishing?

It is common knowledge, maybe even common practice, that guys generally fudge a few inches when listing their height on dating apps. At Chicago Male Enhancement we agree there is nothing wrong with an extra few hairs to make you 5 '11 on your dating profile. Maybe even in conversation someone casually asks your height and you maybe give yourself an inch or two - totally fine. But what if you lie about your penis size? 

Lying about your penis size isn’t anything new but lying about your penis size on dating sites certainly is. There is even a term for it, or at least an Urban Dictionary term, it is called Cockfishing. Yes, cockfishing. 

Cockfishing may sound innocent at first but it could get you in a situation you cannot get out of. For instance, maybe lying about a few inches will impress your potential partner and even boost your confidence but is it ethical to lie about such a thing? What are the penis ethics here? 

Normally, here at Chicago Male Enhancement we encourage our team and our patients to do whatever is going to make them feel the most confident and truly face the world with their best inches forward but we don’t believe that lying is necessarily the best way to feel confident. 

What happens if you lie about your inches to a particular person and they eventually become your partner? You look not only like a liar but also insecure. Not a good look. 

We understand that society and even potential partners sometimes have a specific expectation of inches and it’s a lot of pressure to deliver those inches if you don’t have them. In this situation we definitely do not recommend lying. We do however recommend if your lack of inches is something that is leading to a lack of confidence that you do something about it! Your confidence is in your own hands and you can choose to do something about it. We encourage you to take the first step and book a consultation with us at Chicago Male Enhancement. Our male enhancement procedures are safe and effective and save you from having to fudge any numbers of your dating apps. Confidence comes from within, We can just give you a few extra inches of confidence. 

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Hack Ethics
Hack Ethics
Jun 06

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