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Are Penises the new MP3 Player?

Have you ever heard of The Rose? Or The Satisfier? Well, some speculate that The Rose may just be the thing to replace us. 

In an age where the family desktop was replaced by the much slimmer laptop only to have that laptop replaced by the much sleeker and even slimmer Macbook. Our old drip coffee makers have been replaced with either a Starbucks run or the mini Nespresso machine. Remember our walkmans in the 90s? Well, those walkmans became mp3 players which became ipods which became ipod nanos then disappeared altogether because we know all have music on our phones. Disappeared all together - seems so final. 

The Rose similarly to The Satisfyer are sexual pleasure devices geared towards women’s anatomy and specifically female orgasms. Masterbaution of both sexes has been well documented throughout history however it has only been since the sexual revolution of the 60s have women been more open about their sexual needs. The Rose specifically has gained a cult following mostly because of great advertising and social media. It seems women everywhere are using The Rose. The Rose has been documented to give women orgasms without the first 30 seconds of using the device. Feeling like that MP3 player yet? 

There is some good news here too - Lots of women report enjoying using these devices with their male partners. So read up on The Satisfyer and The Rose and don’t count yourself out just yet. Males and the penis are not being replaced by these devices, although on the surface it can feel that way, we just need to lean into the new technology and keep ourselves up on our game. 

At Chicago Male Enhancement we offer not only treatments for increased penis size we also offer treatments that help you keep your erection longer and better! Give the office a call or book a consultation to find out more about what you can do not only to rival The Rose but give it a run for its money. 

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