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What is ED (Erectile Dysfunction)?- With Dr. Shah

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Dr. Shah:

The question is, what is Ed? It's erectile dysfunction.

Most people think misconception of what erectile dysfunction is. They think erectile dysfunction means you can either be erect or not erect. It's a zero or one, but in reality, it's this kind of like a sliding skill. But the first thing you have to do is acknowledge whether that's a problem or not. So if you're age 40, 40% of you listening will have some degree of erectile dysfunction. And if you're age 70, 70% of you will have erectile dysfunction. Commonly people think I'm just going to pop the blue pill with known as Viagra, Sali, those kind of brand names, and that can work. It can try to get more blood flow, but in more sustainable ways to actually kind of break down some of those blood vessels and issues that potential issues where you're not getting the blood flow and increase blood flow and create new blood vessels. And that's going to be with things like acoustic energy. And again, there's multiple ways of treating this. Almost all of our patients who do this, they can go through a comprehensive examination with Jonathan, our nurse, and he can talk about different ways of treating patients because again, rather than not acknowledging there's an issue, it's better to just kind of treat this issue head on.

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