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Unnatural Perfection: The Problem with Penis Implants

In a world where we seek to perfect and enhance the appearance of their penis and boost their self-confidence, we often turn to surgical procedures such as penis implants. Penis implants promise a permanent solution to help with dissatisfied men with the appearance of their penis. However, implants for penis augmentation may look like the best solution, but they do present many drawbacks.


In an interview with a man who had a penis implant procedure, his self-esteem was lower with the implant than without. In the interview, he details his life after getting the implant placed. The penis implant was meant to enhance the length and the size of the penis. However, the feel of the implant itself inside of the penis was completely unnatural where he had to angle his penis due to its unnatural curvature. When he also had erections, it would cause him pain due to the stationary position of his penis unless he manually angled the penis himself. One of his biggest concerns with the implant was that it was not only hurting himself, but also his partner.

He eventually had the penis implant removed but this reversal was both costly and left his penis scarred.


The benefit of having non-surgical penis enhancement with fillers is that patients don’t experience the cons that one would have with an implant. Due to its pliable nature, filler feels natural to the touch and isn't painful when the penis is erect. Many of our patients’ partners notice the appearance and the feel, but not the discomfort that one would feel with an implant.

Using tiny needles by an expert injector, the penis isn’t left with any unsightly scarring. While the fillers last for up to 18 months, it is less costly than an implant. Implants can go for upwards of $16000 depending on where the procedure is performed and with whom. And if the appearance of the implant isn’t to the patient’s liking or something like the body rejecting the foreign object, another surgery would have to be performed to remove it. Some fillers, however, are completely dissolvable.

Like most aesthetic treatments, understanding the pros and cons of penis enhancement helps patients figure out what would be best for them. It is important to do your research to find the best path for the best outcome.


To schedule an appointment with our expert injector, Jonathan, RN, click here.

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