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Is it inappropriate to have a penis outline in your pants or workout gear or swimsuit?

A question that our male enhanced patients ask a lot and we don’t have the proper answers but there is something known as “dick etiquette”. Everything is about context. If you are going to a family gathering or church, please no one wants to see a penis outline. This goes for places like amusement parks, family beaches, etc.

So when is it appropriate and how much to show?

This is a matter of taste but we like subtle more than obvious. It is a little like cleavage for women. Showing shape is fine, but nipple is kind of too much. Too low a shirt can be inappropriate.

Here are a couple of examples:

Tight Jeans

Nice since you can see a bulge but typically not the shape of the head or the shaft

Workout Shorts

Yes, but make sure you don’t reveal too much. A subtle bulge is ok but a clear outline here is usually too much for most gyms.

Suit Pants

Here a subtle outline might be OK but too much is not going to work. If you are standing in front of a group presenting, make sure you are wearing a darker color suit to avoid too much show.


overall bulge will work in most situations. Slight outline depends on beach and obvious outline can work on party type beaches without children.


For whatever reason, most people do not want to see too much in a yoga class or biking so try and hide your outline but bulge is ok.

While there is not a law about what to show, consider your audience and reveal what you want to.

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