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So we covered many topics about non surgical male enhancement and we hope that we answered any questions or curiosities that you may have. But there is one question that you may have but didn't really think about.

"Why choose male enhancement with Chicago Male Enhancement?"

Chicago Male Enhancement is a non-judgemental environment that is just looking for the best version of yourself. Curious about how this procedure works? Great! You would like to talk to Jonathon about what your goals are with male enhancement? Awesome! Want to keep this as discreet as possible? We're here for you.

Chicago Male Enhancement has seen many patients of different shapes and sizes. Each patient having different plans, but one common goal. And that goal is to not only look better and feel better for your partner, but also to feel better about themselves. With many years of experience and expertise in injecting fillers, we are here to help build your confidence and help you achieve your goals! Let's see how we can help YOU!



If you're thinking about doing it, you know, do your research obviously, but, you know, come in for an appointment, we can schedule a consultation and, you know, go over your goals and do measurements and, you know, see what we can do to make you happy and confident.

Dr. Shah:

Yeah. And I think that's really cool as the non-judgmental part about it because a lot of men think about this and it's something that's on their mind. And I mean, you've seen so many.


So many.

Dr. Shah:



All different kinds, all different sizes, and everyone wants the same thing is they just want to feel good about themselves. And you know that during that consultation, that's what we talk about. We talk about our goals and you know, what we can achieve with the 10 or less and go from there, you know?

Dr. Shah:

Yeah. I think that, that non-judgemental, Hey, let's be the best version of ourselves and kind of getting there And I think that's the that's the fun thing. So to me, that's the most exciting thing. The thing I love about plastic surgery and whether it's a, whether it's a penis or a nose or a neck or a wrinkle or a line, if there's something that doesn't make you as confident as you are, and you can sort of say, "Hey, I wish I could wave a magic wand and make this what I want it to be." you know, within reason, I mean, that's, the beauty of plastics is we can be the best version of ourselves. Absolutely. Yes.

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