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The Biggest Mistakes Made With Filler In The Penis

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

So, you want to get your head swole and now you are seeking expertise. It seems like there are a few med spas in Chicago offering filler to the penis but we see more than a few penises in our office seeking corrections. So, what makes injecting the penis so hard (and by hard, I mean difficult ;))? And why does Chicago Male Enhancement make it look so easy?


First of all, the key to filler in the penis is all about the plane. If you are too superficial, the penis will not look right and the penis will actually feel too soft. In addition, if the penis is injected too superficially asymmetry along the penis can occur with palpable bumps and step offs. The problem with injecting the penis is that if you inject too deep (think corpus cavernosa) you can have some functional issues. We find the correct plane is along the dartos fascia allowing for a firmer smoother overall shape to your Chicago Style .


Another issue we see is offices using the wrong type of filler. In order to save on costs for you, the patient, or in order to make more $$$, offices will use counterfeit products. This can lead to major issues aside from shape and durability.


The main technical advantage we have is use of a specialized cannula to help enter the proper plane and then fill along it. We customize the filler approach to each patient based on budget and desired shape and size. Experience is worth it!!!

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