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The Big Package - How To Make Your Penis Look Bigger Without Surgery or Fillers

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

So many men ask, "how can I make my existing penis look bigger?" One of the running jokes would be to just stuff your pants with some kind of phallic fruit or vegetable. But there are realistic approaches to making your penis look bigger by surgical and non-surgical approaches. But what if you're not quite ready to jump in on fillers...

So Here Are Some Tips

1- Lose Weight. Large stomachs are going to cover a penis and potentially hide it. If your penis is hidden it will look a lot smaller. So do your best to lose the weight. Diet and exercise are the fundamentals of weight loss but if you do that and want further changes, consider the use of noninvasive devices such as Coolsculpting and/or Kybella. Dr. Shah has used this on his stomach to help contour and improve the appearance of his stomach.

One added benefit of losing fat is that fat contains estrogen. Estrogen will literally shrink your penis. So reducing estrogen allows for testosterone to remain dominant and allow for your manhood to be at its peak.

2- Get Rid of the Pubic Hair. Pubic hair can lead to making a penis look smaller. For example in movies, many times large amount of pubic hair are put around a penis to make it less size. In the Overnight, one actor uses a pubic merquin to make his penis look smaller. Shaving your hair selectively has actually a term called manscaping. There are companies devoted to this.

If shaving is not your thing, consider laser hair removal. Jonathan is our RN who specializes in all things male enhancement and can remove hair using lasers in and around the penis to allow for the penis to look larger. BTW, he can also inject filler to make your penis ACTUALLY bigger.

3- Improve Your Posture. Poor posture will make your hips ride back and have your stomach stick out further. By improving your posture, your stomach and hips are better aligned and your penis will look further forward.

4- Penis Enhancing Underwear. Wait... Say WHAT?!? Yes, there are a variety of solutions including penis pads, underwear with built in pads and actually penis outlines you put over your penis to make it look bigger. The main advantage here is that your resting penis will look bigger and presumably it will draw attention to your non erect penis. These are kinda like push up bras but for a man. Do they work? They should since there is a large market for these devices - look on Amazon!!!

Some issues with penis enhancing underwear, however... If someone is dating you just for your penis, what happens when you take the underwear off and it is different than what your partner is expecting? If wearing penis enhancing underwear makes you confident, we say go for it! However, if you want actually increased resting length and girth the best choice here is to get all of the attention and then actually have the goods underneath!!!

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