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THE ADONIS EFFECT: Do Men Love To Be Adored For Their Bodies?

So, I'm gonna talk about a controversial topic and that is, do men like to be admired and adored? And I don't mean this from a sort of job social it's, do they want their body to be admired and adored? And this is talking about male enhancement. And so you see this a lot with women. And I think it's pretty common for, for women to say, “Hey, I really want to be complimented on how I look not based solely on how I look, but how I look and how my figure looks in address and how I look in a bathing suit.” But for men oftentimes it's a little bit of an area that, you know, most people don't see what men have. And so it's underneath underwear, underneath bathing suits, underneath pants, etc. And for the most part, it's kind of socially inappropriate to go up to a man and say, "Wow, I really love what you're packing on there."

However, we're talking more about of a private situation. And for a lot of men, they don't mind. In fact, they like that. This is what, what they're telling me that they like when people say, "Wow! I really love what you're bringing to the table here." This is amazing. I love your body, things of that nature. So I think in the past, we've thought of this as being more about men throwing flattery at women. But actually, I don't think it strange for adoration to be a reciprocal thing where it can go kind of both ways. And for that I admire to kinda go back and forth. And I say this men and women talking about CIS relationships, obviously this is going to be a goal depending on the type of relationship you have.

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