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*PLEASE NOTE we are not political and do not support or condone any of the political candidates.

One of the biggest slams against Donald Trump is his reportedly small penis. While this should have no impact on a leader, critics have made large mocking blow-up dolls, gone on talk shows with Jimmy Kimmel and other ways to make this as one way of saying he is impotent. Even some rival candidates have stated he has small hands (there is no correlation with small hands and genitalia size) meaning he has a smaller penis.

There are many issues with the way this has been reported by those who mock Donald Trump. First of all, body shaming is not acceptable to anyone no matter the candidate. When you are shaming someone for a physical issue, other people may have similar issues and may feel shamed. For example, shaming a candidate for being overweight will also shame every other person who feels overweight. Everyone should embrace their body and if they find that there are a few things they wish to change, body enhancement is appropriate.


The perception of power attached to a male’s genitalia size does not really correlate as well. If that was the case, porn stars and strippers would be running our companies and that probably would not be a good thing. There is still the stereotype that a muscular male with a large phallus is strong and a leader is not really materialized. That particular body type is desired by many male patients since it embodies everything testosterone and masculine.


So does Donald Trump have a larger or smaller phallus? The real answer to that is ...who cares!! No other leader or any other industry would be expected to defend their “manhood”. The problem is if this becomes accepted by society can you imagine how companies and countries would be allowed to ask such questions.

So if you don’t like Donald Trump, should you mock his body type or his physical attributes you don’t like? Well, do whatever you think is right but remember for every physical attribute you mock there may be a person or persons with similar features who you may be inadvertently mocking as well.

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