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Penis Health and What Is It Telling You?

There's often been a correlation between looking at your penis and seeing how healthy you are. And it isn't always just about size, it's also about how it works.

Issues With The Penis

Erectile dysfunction often means that there can be underlying issues with vascular issues, including heart attack, cardiac risk, and stroke. If you can still have firm erections and erections that are lasting multiple hours, ideally more than two and a half to three hours a night, your penis is probably in good health.

However, if it's not able to do that and sustain its function, perhaps there's some issues with your heart health, mental health, and issues such as depression. Anxiety can also lower your sex drive and decrease the amount of ability for you to perform as well as you can with erections. Infections, as well as other issues, can prevent you from having erections.

Penis In Good Health

Having normal healthy erections is part of a normal healthy male anatomy. For many men, they get focused on size, which we're able to treat a Chicago male enhancement, but don't forget about function. Function is super important. We have our acoustic energy device, the Inpulsa, which can improve function dramatically in a lot of our patients.

And it can be the stepping stone for men to improve their overall health.


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