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Not A Shock…Wave Aging Goodbye With Inpulsa

One of the most interesting podcasters around is tech executive, Bryan Johnson. He's known for spending any amount of money to make himself younger. He recently talked about his penis rejuvenation where he employs the use of shockwave therapy.

Mr. Johnson (no pun intended) does his treatments by using a routine of shockwave therapy on his penis approximately three times a week. He states that by doing this, the electromagnetic waves will increase blood flow. His goal is to have an erection for three hours and 30 minutes, like an 18 year old. Currently, he's averaging two hours and 12 minutes by using trackers.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy, also known as Inpulsa, is a treatment we offer in our office. We find that shockwave therapy is highly effective for our patients seeking to treat erectile dysfunction, a very common sign of aging for men.

Our version of this does not require this to be done three times a week, but we found differences in strength, longevity, and length of erections, including increased blood flow and nighttime erections, which is what Mr. Johnson (again, no pun intended) is measuring.

Be Like Bryan Johnson with Chicago Male Enhancement

For most of our patients, we recommend doing this once a week for a period of five weeks, and then finishing this once you feel like you've realized your goal. If you're going to do shockwave therapy, we recommend you see a trained physician and healthcare professional, like trained experts at Chicago Male Enhancement.

We offer this treatment to our patients improving blood flow to this very sensitive and vital organ for most of us men.


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