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Erectile Inflation and What that Means for Your Penis

Does everything get bigger and better with time? Over the last few decades kitchens have gotten larger. I remember growing up my kitchen was not near as large as it is in my home now. Cars have definitely gotten larger. My childhood station wagon could easily fit inside my Ford Expedition. Even the popcorn at the movie theater has gotten bigger.. But what about your erection?  

According to a study published in the World Journal of Men’s Health in 2023 the average erect penis length has actually increased! Finally some good news. Since 1992 the average erect penis length went from a respectable 4.8 inches to an impressive 6 inches in 2021. How about that for some inflation? 

What could this sudden growth spurt be from? Some speculate it could be from chemical exposure …radioactive erections? It makes us all sound like Spiderman - one radioactive spider bite and we all have 24 percent larger erections. While others think it is the hormones or pesticides in food. The truth is no scientist or doctor knows for sure right now it's all just conjecture and speculation in regards to the findings. 

While discussing the recent findings here at Chicago Male Enhancement we all came up with our own theories on this erection phenomenon. One theory being maybe larger erections are simply an evolutionary response just like humans are taller now than we were 300 years ago. 

Perhaps, if this trend continues we can see erections increase to fifty percent in the next 30 years. However, at Chicago Male Enhancement there is no need to wait another 30 years for another erection size increase just call the office, DM out instagram page or bookonline to begin a consultation for a larger erection today. 

Comment below if you think this is a good thing or something to negative to watch out for. 

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