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Hung Like A… Beetle?

We’ve heard of being “hung like a horse.” we should be saying “hung like a beetle… The Hung Beetle.” There's a relatively new beetle species that has one of the largest penises per size.

What is the Hung Beetle?

SOURCE: NY POST• The hung beetle, Aegidinus Elbae • Jam Press/Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute

The hung beetle, dubbed Aegidinus Elbae, was discovered in 2000 in the world’s largest rainforest national park in Colombia. The beetle has a penis that is almost as big as the beetle is long.

If You Got It, Flaunt It…

SOURCE: THE NY POST • The Hung Beetle’s genitalia. • Jhon César Neita Moreno Instituto Humboldt

It is not known whether the female beetle can handle such a large penis. The interesting thing about this is it seems to be a means of attracting other beetles. It's not uncommon for animal species to use their looks, especially the men to attract the females. We're thinking of animals like peacocks and birds, and in this case a beetle with a large penis.

Take Up The MAN-tle (Like BEE-tle but with MAN Instead)

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