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How to treat ED- with Dr. Shah

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Dr. Shah:

What do I recommend?

If someone has erectile dysfunction, first thing for a patient to find out is why they have erectile dysfunction.

It's going to be a normal natural course for most men. 40% of men at the age of 40 are going to have some degree of erectile dysfunction. 50% of men at 50, 60% at 60 and 70% at 70.

The best way to treat this, I think, is creating more blood flow to that area, more blood vessel formation. So I'm a big fan of acoustic energy. You can always tie this in with other things like ALIS or Viagra, getting more blood flow. That tends to be a temporary thing, not a permanent change to that.

I think the other thing you do is just sort of be your best version of yourself. Be active, be physically fit, eat healthy. And I think if you're healthy in that version, and if you can get yourself working in multiple levels, what's good for down there is probably good for your part in other areas, and that could be an indicator of other issues.

So make sure you see your doctor for other aspects of life too.

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