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Hollywood's… “Members” behind the scenes

Did you know even actor’s have body doubles? Yes, it's true even the world’s most chiseled, sculpted, and adonis like men have body doubles. Why you might ask?  Because sometimes even the guy with the best pecs maybe doesn’t have the most toned thighs, and occasionally the actor with the most sculpted glutes maybe doesn’t have the world’s biggest… well, you know. Whether it’s body doubles or even prosthetics Hollywood is known for its little (or big in this case) enhancements. 

In the 1997 classic Boogie Nights where Boston native Mark Wahlberg appears nude in a full frontal scene it was rumored for quite some time (only to be confirmed years later) that Wahlberg wore a prosthetic penis while playing the now infamous character of porn star Dirk Diggler. 

More recently actor Finn Wittrock wore a penis prosthetic in Netflix’s series Ratched. He even spoke openly about it on Sirius XM’s Bruce Bozzi show saying, “In Ratched I found my inner Dirk Diggler.” 

An actor who you may not think would need to wear a prosthetic or have a body double is Chris Hemsworth. The Australian actor wore a prosthetic penis in the film Vacation and was given the option of 8 inches or 10 inches according to an interview the film’s director did with Vulture. The director John Francis Daley even joked saying, “As big as it would seem, it did not look that big on him. I think it was just because Chris is such a big, hulking dude.” Even actors who don’t necessarily need the extra are going for the extra. 

There have been so many other examples of actors having body doubles or wearing prosthetics to keep up an image or to give the audience what it wants to see. But what about regular guys? Actors can use body doubles, they can wear prosthetics but in everyday life that is just not possible. You can’t wear a prosthetic only to take it off when you’re in the moment but there is a solution and don’t worry it doesn’t involve a body double.

At Chicago Male Enhancement we have treated quite a few celebrities (we would never reveal, of course) and the audience (and their partner) never had any idea that they’ve had a treatment done- that’s how discrete it is. That’s what is truly great about our method - it's safe, it works and no one has to be the wiser. So next time you’re watching a movie and some guy goes for a swim maybe it’s not all him - maybe it's a few “enhancements”.

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