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Finding King Tut...'s Penis

Recently, world-renowned Egyptologist and archaeologist, Dr. Zahi Hawass, came to the United States on a book tour to discuss his years discovering and protecting the ancient history of Egypt. You may be asking, “What does this have to do with a site about male enhancement?”

During his talk, Dr. Hawass told an interesting story about discovering (or actually rediscovering) King Tutankhamun’s penis. One of the most significant things about the Boy King of Egypt was that his penis was discovered at all.

The Great Discovery

Being one of the few tombs that have never been raided by thieves, King Tutankhamun was an amazing find in 1922. Found by British Egyptologist, Howard Carter, the young Pharaoh’s tomb was found to be greatly intact when opened. This left the society of the time a great wealth of history to learn about.

However, one of the interesting things that was found in that tomb was that King Tutankhamun had a penis. An erect penis, at that. This is believed to be for religious reasons. During the mummification process, King Tutankhamun’s body was purposely placed in a black resin type of substance to help make the appearance of the Pharaoh look like the Egyptian God, Osiris.

Lost And Found

Sometime after his 1922 discovery, King Tutankhamun’s penis disappeared. It was long believed that the penis was stolen and sold on the black market. In 1968, it was reported missing after a series of x-rays were taken.

But in 2006, Dr. Zahi Hawass made the rediscovery of the ancient phallus. A part of the penis had broken off during the move of the Pharaoh’s mummy and was hiding in the sand around the body. After placing it back, it probably indicated that King Tutankhamun was maybe more well-endowed.

Did You Know?

Another reason why finding King Tutankhamun’s penis still intact is significant is that the ancient mummies themselves were used as ingredients in daily lives in the past. Some of these include being used as paint additive (Mummy Brown), fuel alternative for coal for locomotives, and even medicine.

Thankfully at Chicago Male Enhancement, we do not use mummies or resin to help accentuate the penis. We use a non-surgical approach using fillers that would benefit even the most famous kings.


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