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Drake, Alpha Male & Leaked Photos

Drake penis. Drake is a legendary rapper/ performer/ entertainer who needs no introduction.  What projected Drake into stardom was his style, the way he presented himself, his confidence and of course his musical abilities. While most of us are not successful rappers, or even multi millionaires, what we can learn from Drake and apply it to everyday life as a male is his confidence and how he exudes that confidence. 

Recently, a scandalous video was leaked (or released as some speculate that it was intentional) of Drake which highlighted a certain area of his body that had everyone talking. The internet, the gossip blogs, podcasts, even the community here at Chicago Male Enhancement were talking about Drake’s penis. Has Drake’s true secret of his swagger been unlocked? Has his true secret swagger been revealed? Maybe. And the secret is a larger penis! 

Throughout history this idea of a larger penis being equated to power, success and confidence has lingered - if something has lingered since King Henry vIII then maybe there is some truth to it. So the question then is; where does this leave regular guys? Does this mean our average male cannot feel confident or have the Drake swag? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Confidence is not just having success or money, it is having the knowledge and power to take control of your destiny and take matters into your own hands - which is something we help males do everyday at Chicago Male Enhancement. 

Just like women who make secret visits to their injectors for larger kissable lips, or to smooth out wrinkles we suspect many a male celebrity does the same but for male enhancement. There are so many male celebrities out there, Drake included, who are known and revered for their confidence and swag and they need to keep up that appearance and nothing gives a confidence boost like a boost to the penis. Confidence is said to come from within but what if it comes within one’s shorts? Could be! 

Do you think any celebrities use male enhancement? If so, leave who in the comments. 

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