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Chewing The Fat: Fat v. Filler For Penile Enhancement

Updated: Jun 25

filler for penile enhancement

So, we are seeing more of our patients coming in with treatments of fat to the penis and many are curious, how does it compare?

What Are The Advantages of Using Fat?

The touted advantages of fat are that it is somewhat permanent and needs less maintenance than fillers. The other advantage of fat is that it costs much more up front but less over time.

So Can Filler Match Up to Fat?

The main problem with fat is that it is well fat. You can’t really change the consistency of it and when injected into the penis it can make it look OK (emphasis on "OK") at rest but it does NOT really work well for an erect penis. The fat makes the penis soft and soft-on is pretty much the opposite of a hard-on. Since the fat surrounds the shaft of the penis, even the hardest hard-on will lead to a soft, albeit a big softy. The problems with a soft penis is that it pretty much becomes limp and does not work during sexual activity. Even the visual aspect is pretty much lost when it is soft.

The other disadvantages of fat to the penis is that it can create lumps and asymmetries and absorption in different areas can lead to an odd shaped penis to boot. In some cases, fat completely absorbs (yikes) meaning it is not entirely predictable. Fat also requires harvesting it from another area in the body which is usually ok for most men (ok... like 99% of them) but if you are one of those annoying sub 10% body fat, guess what fat won’t work for you.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of fat is that it is not reversible. If you don’t like your big softy and want it to return to a firmer albeit smaller form, you are kinda stuck with it.

And The Winner Is...

Filler is king in our book because some of the newer fillers are firm (we like that), if placed in the right plane will stay firm (we like that better) and it can create a smoother shape which is reversible making filler the best choice.

Although filler does absorb, we find that the body creates collagen so that the penis does not shrink to its original shape. The vast majority of patients fill it up with less filler than initially because well bigger is better. In this case, size is not the only factor and the firm decision goes to filler.

Fat v. Filler for Penile Enhancement: Chart
Tale Of The Tape: Fat V. Filler for Penis Enhancement

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