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Are Nose Sizes And Penis Sizes Related?

Are nose sizes and penis sizes correlated? There was a recent paper that determined if your nose was larger, does it correlate to having a larger penis? This was a study done in 2021 by a team of scientists in Japan who looked at recently deceased males and compared the length of the nose with the length of their stretched out penis.

While this story may make headlines, one of the issues is that this story took place completely with Japanese males. Larger Japanese males may have different ethnic backgrounds and may have different genetic profiles.

In addition, the study found that there was essentially no difference between nose and penis. It was not just found to be directly correlated. This is one of those many myths that people talk about, including hand and foot size and no size.

So does this study support anything? Essentially since this study is limited to just Japanese male cadavers, it's still really unclear. We found that this PA paper, even if it's nice for making headlines, doesn't really provide any insights if you are seeking for a change in the size of your member.

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