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So You Can Lift? But Can Your Penis Bench Press?

You’ve heard of bench pressing, you’ve heard of trap muscles, you’ve heard the term “leg day” but what if there was “penis day”? There is a new trend that people have been speculating can enlarge your penis and it's a penis weight. 

According to forums on the internet men are attaching weights to their penis in the hopes that, like traditional weight lifting, they can strengthen, lengthen and even stretch their penis with weight and gravity. Sounds painful, no? 

The weights come in many different types for instance one is a ring that attaches to the bottom of the penis while others are a weighted ball attached to the head with cotton or some kind of rubber or silicone around it. 

Apparently, there is some actual science behind this idea and it's based on micotear theory. Microtear theory is the idea that the weight is creating a tension of the penis therefore making little microtraumas and as your body heals those microtraumas the tissue cells regenerate and subsequently increase the length and thickness while doing so. There is no actual proof that this is the case which is why it is a theory and not a fact. 

While this may seem bizarre, different cultures have been practicing this for years as example The Sadhus holy men of India have been using this practice for centuries some can even lift a rod like weight with their penis … almost like an elephant trunk.  During the Magh Mela festival in 2018 a Sadhus holy man was photographed pulling a truck with this penis - he must never skip penis weight day. 

It's curious to think that although global cultures and societies are so different, the seemingly common factor is wanting our manhood to be bigger, stronger and longer. As interesting as penis weight lifting may be it is still quite dangerous and not something us guys here at Chicago Male Enhancement would recommend. At our office we offer safe and effective methods of thickening your manhood and they don’t involve giving yourself microtraumas. DM us for more information on male enhancing procedures and tips- you may not be able to pull a car with your manhood after our recommendations but you definitely will be able to impress your next date.

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