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THE MAD MONK’S BIG HUNK: The Legend of Rasputin’s Penis

Updated: Jun 25

painting of Rasputin in black and white with beard and text that reads The Mad Monk's Big Hunk, the legend of Rasputin's penis

So, a legendary character in Russian and world history was Grigori Rasputin. Rasputin is a mystic who came to take care of the royalty of Russia in the early part of the 20th century.

According to legend, he was sexually active and almost famous for his sexual proactivity as well as mysticism when he died. His death was even a thing of legend. It apparently took a few attempts to kill him. The story goes that he was poisoned in an attempt to assassinate him. When that failed, he was shot three times. The initial gunshots didn’t kill him and he ran. A final bullet finally did him in and his body was wrapped and dropped off a bridge and into a river.

His legend lives on, though, where his legendary penis is on display. In the St. Petersburg’s Museum of Erotica, it shows what claims to be Rasputin's 12 inch penis. However, while I've never inspected this myself, it appears that this penis seems to be that of either a severed cow's penis or possibly a horse’s. So, no one really knows whether this is actually his male member. It's on display for those to see in a revolving jar in St. Petersburg. You can see it here!

So apparently, even in the early 20th century, size does matter.


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