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ShockWave Therapy with InPulsa- with Dr. Shah and Alan P.A.

Updated: Jun 25

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Dr. Shah: Okay, so I'm with Alan and we are talking about our latest device, which is shockwave therapy. Um, what do we use this for, Alan? Alan P.A.: So we use it for a lot of things. I mean, we can use it for CoolSculpting patients, but typically we refer this to our erectile dysfunction patients. Dr. Shah: Uh, kind of. Cool. And how does it Alan P.A.: Work? So basically the way that it works is it fires acoustic energy and it pulses, it sounds like a little gun, but what it does is it vibrates with the bullet and it hits another part of the metal and sends acoustic energy into the cells and essentially creates growth factors, proteins in the cells to kind of help stimulate regeneration. Dr. Shah: And so if someone wants their products, how many treatments do you recommend for them? Alan P.A.: Um, in terms of erectile dysfunction, Uhhuh, <affirmative>. So it all depends on their shim score. So this will be a score that we will determine when you come into the office. So depending on the severity of the erectile dysfunction, typically we either start from six, uh, treatments up to 12. So once again, depending on severity Dr. Shah: And which your frequency do this once a month, once every two Alan P.A.: Weeks. So you can, we typically would say you come in once a week for six weeks to get the treatments done if you're doing 12. Um, once again, if our patients are out of state or it's more difficult for them to get here, we can do, uh, twice a week. So then it would be for three weeks. Um, but that's about it. Dr. Shah: Let's try it out. All right. Turn around. This is for Chris is for doctor, and it's, it's not an all or nothing but direct dysfunction too. Some people think it's like, it either works or it doesn't work. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, because there's degrees of how much function Alan P.A.: You can have. Exactly. So some, I mean, it depends. Some people can actually get an erection but cannot maintain it. Some people cannot even get an erection at all. So there is a, there is a huge discrepancy in erectile dysfunction cause you can, you know, be on one spectrum or the Dr. Shah: Other. Okay, here we go. Okay. Ready? Ready. 1, 2, 3, go. Dr. Sameea this is for you!, let's try it again, I wanna do that for once, once a week? Alan P.A.: So that's pretty much it. Dr. Shah: It. So this would be, depending on, this would be the ultimate Valentine's Day gift for Dr. Samia. You sure would. She's shaking her head no on the other side of the screen. Dr. Samia, she's watching this. Okay. Anyway. Wow. What a great treatment. It's actually not painful at all. Alan P.A.: It's not, you don't need any numbing, no lidocaine. Uh, we will typically pair this treatment with a P shot. Um, and that is taking your PRP spin or taking your blood, spinning it out to get the PRP and then inject into the, uh, muscle. Um, and then to help kind of the healing process and it'll speed up the functionality improvement of Dr. Shah: It. And I like this because, you know, if you're doing the, the little blue pill, I mean you have to pop this in, you have to time everything versus this. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you just have better function, better vascularity. Um, I think it's just kind of a, which is a nice thing. Can you do this on women? Alan P.A.: Yes, absolutely. Is also a treatment that is offered for women, um, to increase sexual sensitivity. Um, and just in general improve their overall sexual wellness. Um, yeah, this is absolutely safe and catered for women as well. And Dr. Shah: This is the same device you would use, for example, if I had kidney stones that wanted to break this up. Alan P.A.: Absolutely. So the, clearly the power that we're gonna use for, um, erectile dysfunction and sexual wellness is gonna be significantly less. But this device is actually able to be, um, used for a lot of things such as like tendinopathies or such as like plantar fasciitis, which are, which is pain on like the bottom aspect of your foot. This helps improve that pain and help restore, um, blood flow, but also kind of reduces that inflammation in the area. Or you can take it all the way up and blast the kidney stone if you want to. Dr. Shah: Awesome. Alright, let's get started. Sounds good.

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