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Pam & Tommy

So talking about the new television series, Pam and Tommy seen on Hulu. In this limited series, it basically discusses the revelation of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's sex tape and how they dealt with it as a couple. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee had a part of their sex life revealed on a sex tape. Disclosure, I have not seen this sex tape, but according to all accounts, Tommy Lee has said to be well endowed. In this television series, the first time Pamela Anderson sees Tommy Lee reveals his penis to Pamela Anderson and we as viewers see her reaction. And there's a moment when the camera pans down, she sees his penis, we see his penis and Pamela Anderson says, "it's beautiful." So, that ties into one of our other blogs. Do women think penises are beautiful or other men who are into is think penises are beautiful and the answer is if it's the right penis, it can be beautiful.

And that's one of the things we try to achieve at Chicago Male Enhancement is making a penis, not just a penis, but as much as we can into a work of art. And so that when men are basically showing off their penis, whether it's in a locker room, walking around the bedroom, or just before anything gets excited, that they feel confident and they feel excited. Clearly Tommy Lee is confident in his penis. The other thing we're seeing in this is that this is clearly a prosthetic penis. It looks plastic. In fact, in other scenes in this episode, you can actually see the penis moving up and down and, and obviously penises cannot talk and, and do things of that nature. So you know, clearly this is a robotic penis of some sort. So, the other thing of note is that this penis is fairly realistic in size for a lot of our Chicago Male Enhancement patients.

And a lot of them will notice that they don't fit in condoms because their is girth as larger than a condom will provide. And I actually thought they did a fairly realistic side the size profile here of the Tommy Lee. Not the, again, not that I modeled it, but of what a penis can potentially look like. And some of our patients believe it or not are substantially have more girth than, than he does even with his prosthetic penis. So that's kind of exciting to see that so overall, do I recommend Pam and Tommy? Well, I don't know the it's only up to episode two or three, but it is interesting to see how one of the better endowed men of Hollywood. I guess he's a rock band really captured the attention of of America and for many of our patients who maybe were not born as Tommy Lee, maybe they can actually surpass Tommy Lee.

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