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Can You Make a Penis Look Attractive?

We may have a biased answer here, but we do think you can make a penis look attractive. Just like any body part, glutes, breasts, etc, there is a range in ideal shape and form.

A penis is no different.

So what makes an attractive non-erect penis?

Avoiding Wrinkles.

In general, when things are shriveled, most of the time they don’t look better. Your penis is no different. For some men, especially growers, they will have a lot of “penis wrinkles''. What typically goes with penis wrinkles is a smaller penis. These types of wrinkles or pleats are present since the penis needs to stretch when it is erect. We DO NOT advise removing these wrinkles or lasering them. FILLING your penis will make its shape smoother and wrinkle free as well as increasing its size. A smoother penis just looks aesthetically more pleasing.

Penis angle from the body

A penis which sticks straight out is typically smaller and not as attractive. The more your penis “hangs” the better looking your penis will be. A penis with the head of the penis is below several inches the base will look much more attractive. To appreciate a penis, seeing the shaft helps give the rest of the penis context and helps give the penis better proportion. Again if you do stick straight out, you probably have a smaller penis and consider adding more volume via Filler to give your penis increased resting length as well as improving your penis angle.


Of course this matters. But it is all about proportion here. The size of the head and the size of the shaft all have to work in relation to each other. A huge shaft with a tiny head can look disconcerting. A massive mushroom head and a small shaft can also not match up. Here is where filler can help. Not only can you make your penis bigger, but you can it make it more balanced. A larger head deserves a wider and longer shaft. A massive shaft deserves a larger head. Notice how we are not advocating making a portion of your penis smaller!!!

Pubic hair

Here is a matter of taste. The 90’s was all about shaving everything but the hair style now is to keep things trimmed and neat. Too much pubic hair can actually attract odor and gives the impression of poor hygiene. No one finds that attractive. Completely shaved can look a bit pre-pubescent so not the best look either. We recommend shaving the shaft and a little up on to the stomach. This will give the illusion that the shaft is larger and that you are trimmed and neat.

So Can You Make a Penis Look Attractive?

Of course, like any body part, give your penis the shape it needs and deserves and feel confident in your skin.

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