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Man Talk- Episode 1: How Many Injections Do I Need to Reach My Goal?

This audio podcast has been transcribed using an automated service. Please forgive any typographic errors or other transcription flaws.

Hi guys. My name is Jonathan and I am a nurse here at Dr. Anil Shah's office. And I specialize in male enhancement a question. I get a lot from my guys who come in is how many syringes do I need for the look that I want? And this is a really good question. And this is something, um, that we talk about when you guys come in from what we have a full consultation, we go over your goals. We do measurements, we take pictures and I can assess you a little bit better to see how many syringes would be needed. Basically catered to you for the look that you want. There are no incisions, um, in the mail enhancement procedure, it comes out looking very natural and no one really knows when you call the office, us, the girls on the front will take care of you. They'll get you set up with me and we can have an in depth consultation at that time.

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