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Is It Painful To Get Non Surgical Male Enhancement?

Updated: Jun 27

needle with filler and text that says just a little prick, is it painful to get non surgical male enhancement?

Is it painful to get a male enhancement? The overwhelming response for most of our patients is, “no.” So how do we make it so comfortable for all of our patients? Let’s break it down.


The first step is we use a proprietary topical numbing that we get compounded at a pharmacy. We use this so we can do things that normally you wouldn't be able to do comfortably in our office such as CO2 full face laser resurfacing. With this type of topical numbing, most of our patients feel little to no discomfort.


For patients who are gonna be on the more sensitive side, we also can actually use an injection of local anesthesia in the area. We typically use these types of local anesthesia in procedures such as buccal fat removal.


And for those patients who are extremely sensitive, we'll sometimes use nitrous oxide. The combination of all three of these can make patients have an easy experience so they can get their male enhancement with little to no discomfort. We have other things we can do as well.

We're used to doing office procedures such as relaxing medications and so forth. So for the vast majority of patients, they can do this with a little topical numbing. They're in and out of the office. And they're back to essentially living their normal life except larger and happier.


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