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I AM A GIFT FROM GOD: Man With 10.5 Inch Penis Gets TV Show

Updated: Jun 26

man holding an eggplant with purple background and words that read I am a gift from God, man with 10.5 inch penis gets tv show

I AM A GIFT FROM GOD: Man With 10.5 Inch Penis Gets TV Show

A recent Irishman was featured on a Channel 4 series in Ireland called “My Massive C-k”. It details a 34 year old who claims to have the biggest member of Ireland. He says since his member is so large that he has been able to sleep with over 1000 women. He is not a patient of ours but it is an interesting case study.

Being larger than normal seems to benefit men who want attention or partner satisfaction. The areas of frustration can be that there is no known pill, gel, or exercise that can make your penis larger. However, at Chicago Male Enhancement, you literally can walk out a larger man the same day, both safely and discrete. Our patients seem to experience boosts in confidence and romantic happiness.


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