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How BIG of a Difference Does Non Surgical Male Enhancement Make?

Updated: Jun 27

yellow banana wrapped in measuring tape on a blue background with the words Will I see a big difference with male enhancement?

A common question we get from our patients is "How much of a difference will I see when I get filler injections for male enhancement?"or "Will I see a BIG difference with non surgical male enhancement?"

In episode three from “MASTERS OF BEAUTY with Dr. Anil Shah” Dr. Shah and Jonathon discuss the noticeability of this procedure if someone has never seen what your penis looked like before. We also discuss the timeframe from start to finish, how the penis feels afterwards and any visible signs of injection after the procedure is finished.

  • Will the penis feel natural?

  • Will there be any visible signs of injection?

  • How long does the procedure take?


Transcript from Video:

Dr. Shah

Someone comes and says, I want to see a huge difference and I want to see a difference. Like what are all the ways that someone can see a difference in their life? So someone says you know, yeah, let's just start up that


I would say if they really, really want to see a difference, I always go at least 10 minimum, 10 syringes is going to be your best bet. If you're really wanting to get one to two inches, at least in growth. And by doing the 10 inches, I mean, right away after the procedure's done, you can see a big difference when it's flaccid and erect. And there's some guys who are a little hesitant to do a 10, you know, they're like, you know, I kind of want to just try things out and I'm like, okay, we can do that. We can maybe try maybe three to five syringes and you're still going to get a little bit of something, maybe not one inch or two inches, but it will still be enough. And I think for some people, anything is enough, you know? It's a little bit of a, difference.

Dr. Shah

And when you mean one or two inches can you kind of clarify that for our listeners,


Just two inches in girth, so this isn't really helping anything with length, although resting length when the penis is flaccid it does appear to be longer. And I think it's due to how much growth that was increased, but only growth one to two inches at least.

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