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Why MINX Matters To Men

Why Minx Matters To Men

MINX is about the start up of women’s versions of Playboy which manifest itself in either Playgirl or the short-lived version Viva. Much like how Playboy focused on the sophisticated male who wore suits, drank martinis as well as looked at naked women, Playgirl was supposed to be the women’s alternate version. Women would read lifestyle articles found in other magazines as well as look at naked men.

In the television show, Minx, naked men are shown throughout each episode and the question which comes up is do women want to see this? Women, too, want to admire an attractive naked body but just like men there is more to it than just that. In the show, men are shown naked but the main centerfold nudity is controversial since he wears a prosthesis. In this show, it is clearly a fake since it does not match his skin tone, looks plastic, and his pubic area is covered.

Our take on this new, rather clever show. First of all, we wish they would just enhance the penis (just like breasts our enhanced, why not just have actors who are enhanced) rather than use prosthesis. No woman would wear plastic breasts, they would just have an augmentation.

We like how more shows are emphasizing women admiring men’s bodies too. However, giving men an opportunity to change something like male enhancement is now more of an option for men to feel confident more than ever. A normal male will have difficulty competing with an enhanced male. Feeling masculine and confident and making yourself able to have your outside represent your energy is now more than ever a possibility at Chicago male enhancement.

Although Viva and Playgirl and (even Playboy) are no longer around, it is not because men and women stopped wanting to see nudity. Now it is even more accessible, in dick pics from selfies (not that we advocate doing this), male and female nudity in even mainstream shows, and everywhere in society.

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