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When Does A Penis Stop Growing?

The penis starts to change during puberty and grows considerably. But when does it completely stop growing? For most men, the penis stops at around the age of 12 to 16. But there are a few cases where the penis can keep growing until you’re in your early 20’s. It’s all based on how the penis responds to testosterone surges. The combination of hormones and genetics allows for the penis to reach its fully grown state.

A recent survey of men found most wish they had a larger penis. Well, at Chicago Male Enhancement, a larger penis can be created the same day and almost effortlessly. Our judgement-free response to the penis growing is, “it only stops growing when you allow it to stop”. If you're happy with your penis size, excellent. But for men dissatisfied with their penis size, consider a Chicago, IL speciality, non surgical male enhancement by Chicago Male Enhancement.

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