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What, Why, and How - Manscaping Edition

Updated: Jun 25

Manscaping. What an interesting word.

Manscaping is trimming, shaving, or grooming of guys hair for a more appealing cosmetic effect. Manscaping lets people know you take care of yourself. You have put in time to look your absolute best. Whether this look is for yourself or your partner; manscaping helps emphasize your body and your all around confidence.

Let's take chest hair for starters. A lot of men feel more manly with their chest hair. A little bit of chest hair poking through a low cut tank top or t shirt has been in style for a while now. However, Men that have chest hair cant decide how long, or where this hair will go. Hair will sometimes start growing in areas such as the shoulders or the back.

This is where manscaping comes in. Grooming your body hair lets people know you put in a lot of time to your appearance, and will enhance other features of your body.

This brings me to my next point.

Manscaping around your intimate parts such as your anus or penis can can emphasize overall care, but can also make you look a lot bigger downstairs.

Grooming around your penis can really enhance the appearance of your size. This will raise your sexual confidence with your partner, but most importantly: yourself.

There is many ways to manscape. Many small electronic companies will advertise male grooming razors that help take care of the sensitive areas. These all might work, but the results will be short term.

anatomy of a man front and back showing manscaping of guy hair

If you want to truly get rid of that shoulder or back hair there is only one solution: Laser Hair Removal. Laser Hair Removal can essentially be used on any part of the male body, just like it can on the female body!

Patients have found long term satisfaction with the laser hair removal treatment, and the results are phenomenal.

5 Steps to successful hair removal using lasers on men 

  1. Clean Yourself     Before coming to the office, take a little bit of extra care so that you don’t feel like things are dirty and that your provider won’t be shocked by anything. 

  2. Don’t Shave     The laser needs a target.  If you just shaved, wait a day or two before coming into the office.  

  3. Choose The Right Provider     It is important you choose a provider that will make you feel comfortable.  Our laser hair removal office in Chicago, has both men and women who are trained in all areas of the body for sexes.  

  4. Healing Ball     This helps a lot of patients look their best, and heal faster after their laser hair removal treatment.  

  5. Don’t Show up tan in bikini area     Laser hair removal works best with lighter complexions.  For the best results, make sure you’re not tanning areas you wish to have your laser hair removal at.  

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