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Up To Speed - Can You Pull Off Speedos

Summer is here and Speedos sales are back up!

A recent CNN article has revealed that the sales of Speedo, the iconic swimwear, have now increased up to 200% more in sales and this has become a worldwide phenomenon. While speed wearers were often relegated to European, Middle East, and African countries, it's now expected to be a much more conventional type evading suit.

The History of Speedos

The history of Speedos was at first a utilitarian one. The idea with the Speedo swimsuit was that freedom of movement was allowed for men. Traditional bathing suits for men were often restricted to almost full suits, going down past their knees and including covering their chest. As people have become more accustomed to exposing parts of their skin, the Speedo became controversial with its introduction. It was introduced originally in 1961, and it has been banned before for being too revealing.

However, over time standards of modesty have changed. These previously risque bathing suits are now much more accepted with sales continuing to rise to support this iconic bathing suit.

So What Does This Mean For Our Male Enhancement Patients?

What we're seeing is a trend towards more revealing outfits for men and Speedos definitely can be flattering for some types of male bodies and physiques.

This particularly is better for the more well endowed male. This supports our feedback from patients, how important resting length is for a man. Most men cannot walk around aroused in public. In fact, there might be loss forbidding this.

However, walking around with a larger, more endowed resting length allows men to achieve the type of attention that many seek, especially when wearing a speedo. Being able to “fill out a Speedo,” can make a man feel well… More manly.

We recommend for most of our men who are looking to fill out a Speedo to start with 10 syringes by our expert injectors at Chicago Male Enhancement. Most of our customers who start non-surgical male enhancement end up returning for more. The reason they do this is because they've gotten positive feedback from other onlookers and partners. This tends to make our patients want to go even larger and bigger.

This idea of investing for yourself is common for females, but for men has oftentimes become less utilized. What better area to invest than in the thing that can make you potentially the most manly.


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