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The STIFF Truth: Penile Implant Vs Filler

Many men discuss the use of a penile implant as a one time solution versus filler. So let's discuss the differences between the two.

A penis implant is essentially either a rigid implant or inflatable implant which allows for men to have an erect penis when they want. Penis implants can make the penis larger at rest if they use a rigid one and can increase the erection to the maximum size your penis will be when erect. Inflatable implants will work in a similar fashion but get larger and smaller with erections. Since they are inflated, when not erect they will increase resting penis length to some degree. To place an implant a man’s penis must be cut near the base of the penis to allow entry of the implant to the corpas cavarnousa. The implant will work instead of engorgement of blood vessels. After an implant, men can no longer have a natural erection but it must be either pumped or bent straight. Even though this is an implant it only 60% of implants are functional at 10 years.

Filler is placed on the outside of the corpas cavarnousa allowing for men to have a natural reaction. Since the filler is placed in addition to a male erection, the penis actually gets bigger too!! With filler, the penis can actually still have natural erections just with much more girth.

Let’s Compare Penis Implants Vs. Penile Filler

So to keep it simple, if you have erectile dysfunction, see a urologist and find out why you do. It can have many causes and there might be an answer. If you have seen a urologist and conservative therapy doesn’t work, you might be a candidate for a penile implant. Typically men who do this are older.

If your penis works great and you want it bigger, you are probably a good candidate for filler with an expert. Filler can increase size and girth to help make erections larger and your overall penis larger than it has ever been before.

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