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So there was a paper looking at the self-esteem of penal size and young Korean military men. This was in the Asian Journal of Andrology in 2003. And what they did was they asked patients to measure themselves, both flaccid and stretched, and see how they felt about their size in correlation to their esteem. And what they found was that patients who had higher scores of depression tended to have smaller size on their self-reported scale.


What this tells us is that some men are going to have an issue with esteem with the size of their male member, including flaccid size. And that's why I think male enhancement is one of the game changers. There are so many men who are above normal, who tend to judge themselves too harshly. And this affects them in other ways, psychologically. How they interact with others, their personal relationships with their partners, etc.


The goal of this is not everyone needs to have enhancement, necessarily. For those men who don't really have an issue with it, don't do anything. Your life is fine. Don't ever change.

But for some men if you notice that there's an issue with that, just get enhanced. It's easy. It lasts a long time. And you'll feel better, flaccid and erect. And you'll have this impact on your psychology. So why not?


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