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The Cons Of Getting A Penis Implant - CHICAGO MALE ENHANCEMENT

So, you're looking into options of making your member looking bigger. Fillers may be fine, you think, but you may look into something more permanent. One option is to have an implant put in, like a chin implant or breast implants for women. There are a few cons of getting a penis implant however.


One con of having a penis implant put in would be the scarring. This type of scarring is very noticeable and may not be aesthetically pleasing to your partner.


Another con that you would have to understand is that the appearance of your penis will look unnatural. It is not normal for a man to have an erect penis 24/7 and the way to "get it up" would by physically bringing up the penis into position. Also, the feeling of it could be unnatural to your partner. Another point of the implant's "unnaturalness" is that the implant could be rejected by the body because it is a foreign object.


If you are having natural erections, or spontaneous erections, an implant is probably not a good route to go down. While the idea of having a bigger penis is appealing, an implant can only produce length, not girth. And this is also a permanent change. Once it's put in, you will not be able to have a natural erection.

The benefit of having filler instead, especially with Chicago Male Enhancement, is that it's super safe and can be reversed if you don't like it. In the expert hands of expert injector, Jonathon RN, you will have the safe knowledge knowing that your penis will look bigger and feel natural for both you and your partner.


Dr. Shah:

Let's say someone comes in and says, I want to do, you know, fillers nice and all, but I want to do something permanent. I've heard about implants. I've heard about surgery. What are your thoughts? Seems like it fillers easy enough surgery would be like a nice permanent solution. You do it once you're done.


Definitely, but the thing with let's just say the silicone implant it, the penis does not feel natural. It feels hard and it feels very augmented. And I would suggest going the filler route 100% because not only that it's reversible, it's super safe. The implant you can have rejections, you can have all these scars along the penis. It doesn't make for a pretty sight. And if you're wanting to, you know, be natural and look good, I would, I wouldn't go that route.

Dr. Shah:

Yeah. And I think if you're thinking about implants, there's really a couple of ways of going. If first of all, the question is, can you have a, it's called a spontaneous erection, a natural erection. If you can have a natural erection, you should not do an implant. And I'll, I'll say that in bold letters, because the problem is once you put an implant in it's, for the most part, you really cannot do. You cannot have a normal natural erection. And the reason is anatomically what happens is you put a scar at the base of the penis. From that scar, you're basically putting the implant in your Corpus cavernosa, that's where your penis fills up with blood during the interaction. The filler is going to be superficial to that. So if you put an implant in your penis, isn't necessarily bigger. It's just like it's erect all the time. If you put filler in, you're actually going around your Corpus cavernosum. So when you do get an erection, your penis is going to be even bigger than it normally is. And so if you can have an erection, I think filler is a better route. If you can't have an erection, then I actually don't think filler is a good option because you want something that's going to work. And I think that's where an implant can work. Interestingly enough, like Jonathan mentioned, implants only lasts for about like eight to 10 years is what they're, they're kind of warrantied for. If you have a silicone implant, it's actually almost like a, a wire when you're ready to perform, you just stretch it up. And when you're not ready to perform, bend it back down. And I don't know if that really that doesn't, that doesn't do it for you.


No, no way.

Dr. Shah:

Then the other, other implant they do is sometimes the inflatable implant where they can use it, attach it to your scrotum, or sometimes had it in your stomach. You pump it up and put fluid in there again same issues with that. Again, you're not going to get it sized necessarily in natural resting girth of the length of that, or even your performance state, but you're gonna be able to have an erection. But if you're normally having erections, it doesn't really make sense.

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