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SWORD FIGHT: Who Has The World's Largest Erect Penis?


There recently was some controversy on the largest and second largest penis that is erect. The largest penis erect is taught to be 18.5 inches by a man named Roberto Cabrera. The second largest is by a man named Jonah Falcon, which is 13.5 inches erect. The second largest owner said that the largest on record has stretched his foreskin and that his penis is normal underneath. The largest at 18.5 inches says he can't run. He can't exercise and he's functionally considered disabled because of the size of his penis.


So we are not advocating that extra length and massive sizes like this are going to make anyone happy. But what we are saying is that you can get to a larger size and make most people happy. And larger ness is newly means girth for most men and some length at resting and a little bit of length at erect reaching superhuman links of 13.5 and 18.5 inches, probably not desirable for most people. Either the way that looks and, or the way that's going to feel for someone on the other end of that.

So giving yourself a confidence boost, Chicago Male Enhancement is a big fan of that. Getting yourself to look abnormal, probably not our thing here.

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