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Small talk: How to bring up the conversation about male enhancement.

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Well, here you are. Since you found this post you, or someone you know is self conscious about their size down there and either you or them would like to do something about it.

Penile enlargement is a really touchy subject to have with you husband, boyfriend, or even more embarrassing: yourself.

The truth is, a lot of men are going through the same thing. With our cultural obsession over the media, celebrities, and sex we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people. Some of these comparisons, are unfair to ourselves and to our expectations. Will I ever model for Tommy Hilfiger in my underwear? Probably not.

However, with advancement in technology, a lot of aspects about how we view ourselves can be altered.

At Chicago Male Enhancement we want to give you confidence you deserve to live a happier more exciting life. Penile enlargement isn't just for single men, it's also for men in a relationship!

By telling someone about this procedure, or admitting you would benefit from this, isn't supposed to say you lack size. It is meant for you to finally seek that "something" that has been missing.


We know how tough of a topic this is but we created a list to give you some ideas on how to bring this up to your partner.

5 easy (ish) ways to bring about male enhancement to someone.

- Bring it up at Breakfast

- Leave certain webpages open

- Use words like "non-surgical", "quick", and "painless"

- Compare size using fruits and vegetables

- Watching certain types of pornography together

Remember if our site doesn't answer every question you have about our clinic, penile injections, or male enhancement in Chicago IL, feel free to reach out to speak to one of our medical professionals. You can reach us here, or at 312-944-0117

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