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ShockWave Therapy with InPulsa- w/ Dr. Shah & Jonathon

Updated: Jun 27

InPulsa shockwave machine with black background and words Shockwave Therapy with InPulsa with Dr. Shah and Jonathon

This audio podcast has been transcribed using an automated service. Please forgive any typographic errors or other transcription flaws.

Dr. Shah: Okay, so I'm with Jonathon. Hey guys. And we are talking about

Jonathon: The InPulsa.

Dr. Shah: Alright, so this is acoustic energy and why should every guy care about this?

Jonathon: This is great. This is a great laser for maintaining the penis health. This is awesome for helping the penis maintain erections. Really strong erections. This does little micro tears within the muscle, creating more blood flow and making the penis nice and hard.

Dr. Shah: Sometimes it's talking about doing this versus the blue pill and kind of the advantage of this is the blue pill, obviously. Beam diagram is this is going to actually create new blood vessel formation angiogenesis, which is so cool when you have a new blood vessel formation. Men, as we get older, we lose the ability to have erections as much. Some people look at this thing called a nocturnal erection rate. You're familiar with, there's a famous blogger, Brian Johnson, right? Yes.

Jonathon: The billionaire

Dr. Shah: And his last name Johnson is kind of appropriate for what we're talking about today, right? So he does this every day, a version of this. What's your thoughts on frequency of doing this and all that?

Jonathon: I think it's pretty safe to do every day. There's really no downtime with it. Like I said, this is just great overall for the penis health. So if it's easy access, I would say I do it every single day too, if I had it.

Dr. Shah: Cool.

Jonathon: Yeah.

Dr. Shah: So let's just kind of see, so you're going to actually put, we'll put a little glove on it and we're going to see what this feels like. We're going to put this on my hand and ready. I'm just going to feel it on my hand just for a second. Here we go. And it doesn't really hurt, and for guys doing this, it's really not a painful thing at all. Right? Exactly. It doesn't hurt at all. And I'm not going to Remi, this is my hand. And afterwards it's like, whoa. So that part of it, it's interesting. It doesn't really hurt, but it's the energy and the frequency that really causes this blood flow to do there. Exactly. I actually had a patient who was having some tightness in her neck, not from anything we did, just had tightness in her neck. She did this and she actually felt better same day. Really. And so there is something to this about random areas of pain and so forth too. So kind of a fun treatment. So, well I actually do this treatment, so Jonathan, goodbye.

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