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BAT, MAN: A Story of a Bat’s “Bat Pole” & Science of The Bat Penis

The Serotine Bat - BAT, MAN: A Story of a Bat’s “Bat Pole” & Science of The Bat Penis

A Bat’s “Extra Arm”

Nature never ceases to be amazing.

A recent study has come out about the science of the bat’s penis. The males of these tiny creatures, mainly the serotine bat (Eptesicus serotinus), have been studied and have been hiding something truly amazing.

Science of The Bat Penis

The bat’s penis can grown up to 1/5th the length of the bat’s body!

For an idea on how big that is, the serotine bat’s penis can grow up to 1.6 cm while the full length of the bat can be 7 cm from head to tail. And this is 7 times longer than the female bat’s vagina.

So How Does Sex Work?

Traditionally speaking, the serotine bat cannot perform traditional sex with its mating partner. The erect penis is too long for penetration.

The way the serotine bat reproduces is through what is known as “contact mating”. This is when the copulating bats rub their genitalia together.

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