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So there was a recent article written in the New York Post about the power of the penis. The year the penis was unleashed in Hollywood. And it seems they write this article every year and it seems it's becoming more and more common that not just any performers, but the top performers are putting out and showing their male members, or at least what appears to be their male members in Hollywood.

The most notorious show for showing penises is Euphoria. Apparently they have over 71 times a penis has been shown on their show. Other shows that seem to show this are Pam and Tommy, which we've talked about with his talking penis, which is for sure a prosthesis. But then there is other aspects of this. Benedict Cumberbatch was described having his penis shown in the Power of the Dog, which is actually him. Then there's a bunch of prosthetic penises in Just Like That... The Red Rocket and the White Lotus. So you're seeing this combination of real penises and prosthetic penises, even Bradley Cooper. He was recently found, did a full frontal scene in a Netflix movie called Nightmare Alley.

So this new attention to male anatomy, what does this mean? Well, I think more than ever this has been the last bit of anatomy that we haven't been able to show on the screen until recently. Perhaps there's more of an appreciation. I think about five to 10 years ago when they were showing this in Hollywood, it was a little bit kind of in jest and kind of a joke and this to be silly. Judd Apatow, who's the director for several movies out, he talked about doing some scenes with showing the male penis because it's funny. But now we're seeing kind of this other take on it, showing the male penis is meant to show vulnerability, but sometimes it's meant to show power and it's becoming more aesthetically pleasing.

What does this mean for our patients who are thinking about doing something with male enhancement? Well, now more than ever, patients want to look and feel powerful and be proud about their appearance. And before Chicago Male Enhancement, there weren't a lot of options for patients and patients could just feel like hey, I'm just going to be really insecure about this. I'm not going to feel confident. And now we're seeing a lot of men who feel like hey, I don't need to wear a prosthesis, at least our patients, and feel super confident. I think our true testament to this and the success is that a lot of our men who do this come back for more and not because they need more, because they want more.

So I don't think this trend of showing male penises and members is going to go away anytime soon, but super excited for our men who are getting better and better confidence with a simple 10, 15 minute procedure in our office.


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