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POINTING TO THE TRUTH: Can Your Index Finger Determine Penis Size?

So the question is, can you look at someone's hand and tell how big your penis is? Well, a lot of people look at hand size and say, well, if you have large hands, you have a large penis in small hands, small penis, but sometimes the people do that with feet. Those theories are straight cap.

However there are some people that look at the index finger of a man. And they say that if you have an index finger, your index finger is shorter than your ring finger, that you're going to have a larger penis than normal.

I don't know. Again, if that is super true and super accurate, the theory here is that shorter index finger is going to be means you have a higher exposure to testosterone in the uterus and a testosterone increase increases, not just finger link but also penis length. So does it correlate again, these are lots of loose correlations in these studies. I don't know if you can look at someone's fingers, look at someone's hands and say, well, just by looking at their hands, they're going to have a larger penis turtle with a smaller penis. I don't think you should be shaving off your index finger. But that being said interesting study, interesting data, and you know, there might be a loose correlation here, but probably cap like the previous theories.

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